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Travel Adventure Part 1: Florida Edition

Well, it's been a busy two months since my last post.

I am on a two week travel adventure.

I'm currently in Florida and have been for about a week. However, it turned into quite an experience when I decided to fly Frontier Airlines...


February. The month of loooove! Oh Yeay. Seriously, I think it’s fabulous how so many people are able to dedicate one day out of the year to remind each other how much we care with; boxes of chocolates, diamonds, flowers and sexy lingerie. But, really? Why aren’t these...


I haven't written a post in quite awhile. I wish I could say, that I have been super productive with my time. But, I can't say that I have. I have; relaxed, slept in, attempted past life hypnotherapy, went on dates, given up on dates, listed items on eBay, went to seve...


I will be on my Christmas break till a few days after the New Year and plan on spending it working on my book and sculpting. I Will have some new recipes in 2018.

Hoping everyone is making it through the holidays! ❤️❤️❤️



My least favorite holiday, of all the holidays.

Maybe even more so than the dreaded Valentine's Day. Maybe...

The idea of everyone over consuming with drinking and eating is just dumb to me. And I love to eat and drink! But the idea that millions of people,...


Mercury Retrograde! My favorite time(s) of the year... NOT. 

Basically, it's a clusterfuck of communication that gets jumbled up and no one is completely thinking, seeing, or hearing clearly. 

Thankfully, I have become aware of the very definite vibe that is ra...


11.11.-Single's Day.

Oddly, I have recently been noticing 11:11 more often the last couple months. Extra odd because my monthly horoscope says, today is supposed to be my most "Magickal" day of the month. I'm not feeling very magickal today (yet).

What I have been feelin...



I just realized it's Sweetest Day today. Ugh! Makes me barf. Just why? I'm torn between wondering if it's all due to businesses making some extra cash or couples just trying to torture us singletons. Maybe it's a combination of both. Regardless, it's irritating. Like,...


It's a Friday night and I was debating being a cool kid and going to my most favorite dance club. But as soon as the clouds came rolling in, I lost ALL motivation. So, currently I'm soaking in a hot bath, sipping on a rose soda and chopping on Oreos. Pretty amazing nig...


Have you ever just popped open a jar of processed "hot" fudge and started to scoop it directly from jar to mouth? Um...yea. Me neither (rolls eyes).

So, this pretend diet, not really diet, since I refuse to admit to ever actually being on a "diet" (it sounds just too ef...

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