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A few weeks ago, I was trying to be friends with an ex (again). In retrospect, thinking we could manage to be friends was silly. There's reasons why people are no longer together. And the fact that they're not together proves that one of them is incapable of honesty. I...


Holy crap. So, so, so busy! I moved, gave up my extra jobs and have been super occupied with holidays and updating a house I'm renting. It's everything my last apartment wasn't.

TOTALLY in Love with my loft area to do my yoga, painting, crystal grids, meditation, smudgi...


It has been almost a full month since my summer vacation officially started and I would have thought I would have had a lot more time to dedicate to blogging, but not so much. I am still working at the church and picking up gigs where I can to pay the bills. Doesn't so...


February. The month of loooove! Oh Yeay. Seriously, I think it’s fabulous how so many people are able to dedicate one day out of the year to remind each other how much we care with; boxes of chocolates, diamonds, flowers and sexy lingerie. But, really? Why aren’t these...


11.11.-Single's Day.

Oddly, I have recently been noticing 11:11 more often the last couple months. Extra odd because my monthly horoscope says, today is supposed to be my most "Magickal" day of the month. I'm not feeling very magickal today (yet).

What I have been feelin...


Have you ever just popped open a jar of processed "hot" fudge and started to scoop it directly from jar to mouth? Um...yea. Me neither (rolls eyes).

So, this pretend diet, not really diet, since I refuse to admit to ever actually being on a "diet" (it sounds just too ef...

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