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One more day until the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. In the United States, we haven't had one since February 26th, 1979. So, before I was born...and this is kind of exciting.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get those fancy glasses. So, I will be outside with a little paper plate tryi...


Gluten Free pie crust!?

Okay, don't get your panties in a bundle.

This shit, is good! Trust me. I had several people who aren't gluten free and are kind of turned off by anything named, "gluten free" that claimed that this is really delicious. So, try it GF. We are all o...


Happy St. Paddy's! Weeeee!

I used to go all out when I was younger, but now I'm chilling out in my older age. It's kind of nice to know I won't be hungover tomorrow though.

I have to finish my peg board project in my art room. Super stoked to have something to finally ha...



Uggggh! It's baaaa-ack!!!!

Ack is right. WHHHHY!? Will it ever end!?

I was talking to the girl at work today and questioned if we should start counting down days till summer vacation? She laughed and I realized how ridiculous that was. Okay...I'm counting down till...


Ooooooh, baby! Man do I looooove poutine. Every couple months I'll make a trip to Milwaukee to a little place called, Red Dot. What I love about their poutine is that they have a mushroom gravy and is vegetarian friendly. Plus, they serve a pretty delicious Bloody Mary...



So, my Auntie confessed to me last week that she HATES mushrooms. Okay, she totally didn't use the word, "hate", but she politely told me she hates them. I was shocked. I had been bringing stuffed mushrooms to family holiday parties for over 10 years. Especially, to h...

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