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Brussels Sprout & Mushroom Hash with Bacon & Poached Egg

So, my Auntie confessed to me last week that she HATES mushrooms. Okay, she totally didn't use the word, "hate", but she politely told me she hates them. I was shocked. I had been bringing stuffed mushrooms to family holiday parties for over 10 years. Especially, to her parties. All because I was convinced that she shared the love of those earthy little funguses with me. Who will eat breaded mushrooms with me on another Sunday Funday!? What was I to do? Gahhh!

I honestly, fell in love with them after all these years of not eating meat. I have been dabbling in the consumption of bacon the last couple years, but had been vegetarian for 13 years and pescatarian another 4 years after that. Shrooms have had a huge influence in my cooking the last 17 years of mostly meat free meals. Anyway. Getting back to my Auntie-she admitted she disliked the mushrooms, but in return she gave me a bag of brussels sprouts. Oh yea, baby! Fresh from the local farmer's market. Hooray, she is forgiven! So, I thought I would mix the brussels sprouts with mushrooms-in her honor (you're welcome, Auntie).

Serving: Just One (double if needed)

Time: About 40 mins with prep & cooking


Salt & Pepper 1-2 TBS Herbed Butter 1 clove of garlic-minced or pressed 1 piece of Organic Bacon (no added nitrates)-fried, and chopped (save bacon fat in pan) 1/3 C Yellow Onion-chopped 1 C Baby Bella Mushrooms-sliced 1 C Brussels Sprouts-quartered trimmed and peeled rinsed

Fry Bacon on Med heat till crispy on both sides (feel free to skip the bacon, if needed). After bacon is done, drain on a piece of paper towel. Turn heat down to Med Low and add onions to pan with bacon fat (be careful, it will be super hot). Sauté them till they are translucent. Add butter (or start with butter if you skipped the bacon). I used an herb butter that I had on hand that has chives, shallots and dill already mixed in. Also, I am PRO BUTTER (like, by a lot). So, you can add a little at a time if you don't feel comfortable using that much butter-just add if the pan starts to dry out. Add Garlic after the pan has cooled off a little and onions are cooked. Add mushrooms. Cook about 15mins. You don't have to constantly stir since you want some carmelization, but do stir often. Add the brussels sprouts , coat everything real well, and turn heat up to Med heat. If not using herbed butter-add whatever herbs you have on hand. Constantly stir for about 5 mins, or until sprouts are tender.

Transfer to a shallow bowl, top with bacon and either add a poached or fried egg. You need the yolky goodness! Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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