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Peruvian Eggcellent Sandwich

Holy moly! I have been on the extreme rollercoaster of life the last couple months. It's been so amazing and am so blessed that I have so many fantastic people and opportunities in my life. Once you realize the people who care about you the most-make the time for you, and you stop trying to make other people happy out of obligation.

Good shit just happens. It's effortless.

Life is simple, we are making things so complicated and it doesn't need to be. People can only meet you as far as they've met themselves, and that's it.


Although, I promised to come back and share all my experiences that I recieved in the Amazon jungle with the indigenious shamans- I decided, to withhold that share and express it in the novel (that has been at a standstill the last couple years). In my visions at the spiritual retreat center- I now am aware how I will share my experiences. In the book. So, you weirdos that are reading will have to pay for it. Hahaha!

More food posts though.

After over a month of fasting for the retreat-I was craving all the foods I couldn't eat. Even though we were still on a very restricted diet, the retreat center fed us well. One of the few dinners we had was a simple egg sandwhich. I didn't know if it was from hunger or if it really was that fucking great. But we all talked about it for days after eating it and I was determined to post on the blog my personal recreation. And after being back a couple weeks from Peru, this baby is pretty fucking tasty. It's simple and super satisfying.

Serves: 1 Solo Female Traveler on a soul mission

Brioche Bun

Romaine Lettuce


Red Cabbage

Cheddar Cheese

Fried Egg-sprinkled with salt, pepper and turmeric


Salt & Pepper

Fry egg and cook till personal done-ness, sprinkle with salt, pepper and turmeric

Lightly toast brioche bun and slather a generous amount of mayo. Melt cheese on one side of bun. Layer with lettuce, red cabbage slivers, tomato and the egg. Devour.


"Just Be Happy and Share Your Love."

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