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Vegan Vodka Sauce & Gluten Free Pasta

So, I originally came up with this recipe back in March.

I know, I know. Life has been getting real. So many changes, and I can hardly keep up,let alone write about it! So, although, the recipe and pictures are a bit delayed. I'm still posting delicious recipes! Hooray!

Also disclosure. I love how I'm writing up a recipe that I can't currently eat, and boy-does it look EXTRA delicious. I'm about to embark on what is said to be a, "life changing" experience. And although, I would love to share it now, I think it best to come back to write about it after. I have already tried to explain it to a few people who are obviously too wrapped up in the mundane bullshit of this life and unable to understand the need of the calling I have to fulfill. To be continued in August....

But, with that-right now I have to fast. Well, I suppose I don't HAVE to. But it's said, to be the safest way to start on this journey. And to get your mind, body and soul ready for it. Although, I can still eat and drink, my options are dramatically limited.

No meat. Done & Done.

No caffeine. kay.

No alcohol-no problem. I've done dry months. 

No dairy-okie dokie, I've gone dairy free.

No spices. Hm. No garlic or onions.? a chef, this will be tough

No sugar-hm. Kay. No honey, agave, unrefined

No salt. Fuck me. I fucking love salt, it's the bees knees! And's in effing everything. EVERYTHING!!!

No bananas, avocados, fermented foods, yeast, eggplant, pineapple, mangos, grapes....etc.

Honestly, the list is long of what you can't eat. 

So, I've been eating extremely bland and holy hell is it not enjoyable. Without being able to be influenced by my cravings, it's hard to gauge when I am actually hungry. Because, I think I'm used to eating when I crave something, not when I'm actually hungry. It reminds me of something an ex lover once said to me. And it really bothered me. He said, "food is not meant to be enjoyed. Food is solely meant to nourish and feed the body." I get it now, But. I think food can still be enjoyable. However, I will go along with this to show respect and dedication to the ceremonies.

Even after a week of this, I have also come to realize that as clean as I eat, I'm still detoxing the little that I do eat. I have been cranky as heck. Or maybe it's the fact that I've weaned off sugar and salt...maybe I am addicted? Or a bit of both. It's good that I'm also supposed to stay away from social media, TV, and sit with my thoughts. Alone time is good. I do allow myself a few pleasures-Antiques Roadshow, documentaries and books. But attempting to limit myself from any negativity from people places and outside influencers. It's the purge before the real purge.

I also kicked this whole thing off with an energy clearing from a Native American Medicine Man. I'm going to be so clean this month, you'll be able to eat off me! I'm ready for something spectacular!!! Bring it!

Serves: 2 Woke


2 TBS Garlic-minced

1 Cup Tomatoes-chopped (I used grape, but you can use whatever you have onhand)


1/2 shot Vodka

1 tsp Italian Mixed Dried Herbs

4 TBS Coconut Cream

Fresh Basil

2 Cups Cooked Gluten Free Pasta

SUPER easy recipe.

Put all the ingredients (except the pasta and the coconut cream). Bring to a simmer (not boiling). Simmer till the tomatoes start to break down (roughly 3 minutes) If they aren't breaking down, you can crush them with the spoon. Then add the coconut cream. Bring to a simmer again and it's ready to pour over whatever pasta, you'd like.Top with fresh basil and cashew parm "cheese".

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