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Honey Dew Melon Granita-Refined Sugar Free

11.11.-Single's Day.

Oddly, I have recently been noticing 11:11 more often the last couple months. Extra odd because my monthly horoscope says, today is supposed to be my most "Magickal" day of the month. I'm not feeling very magickal today (yet).

What I have been feeling is lack of a better word, "down". And I feel it gaining strength, just as it did last year around this time. However, I doubt it'll gain the power that it did last year. I also did have a saving grace distraction in January, that interfered with the downward inner destruction. If that wouldn't have interjected, I don't know what would have happened. And now due to no longer having that in my life, who knows what will come next. It's been a rollercoaster the last year and am surprised weekly of the devastation that us humans intentionally cause to each other. Is life supposed to be this difficult? Maybe it is. Not only are we to swim through our own personal struggles and strife's, but now we run the threat of terrorist and our fellow man. People seem to be going totally mental lately (more so than, "normal"). The one thing we all seem to question after each devastation is, "why". My understanding is that people have mental issues. This isn't anything new. But! What is relatively modern is this social media network, instant (and sometimes fake) news, and above all this misguided and disillusioned interpretation of other people's lives being SO much better than our own. The Book of Faces loves to throw that in our faces and we feed it day in, and day out. We ALL have problems and issues, we all deal with it in different ways. Some with complete denial (which seems to be the most popular with the masses, in my opinion), meditation, addiction, or pure rage. We all have a choice.

Sure, getting offered $7,000 less a year for a job that I didn't even apply for after the company coming to me and promising me to pay me $50k. Did I get mad? YES! They wasted my time the last two months, gave me hope of being able to afford a fancy new car, go on vacations again and not have to struggle financially. But now all I have to show for it is, a huge dry cleaning bill. Do, I want to go out and kill a bunch of people in a blind rage and become infamous in the process? Nah. I'm good.

People keep asking WHY. The real question, is why has our world become so superficial? Why have WE allowed it? And why will we continue to allow it? We need to start looking at the larger picture. What REALLY matters to us and focus on that. Getting a new Audi convertible would have been nice (sigh). But, it wouldn't have made me happy. Well, maybe a little... But, not truly happy. And not forever. As a friend recently reminded me....all you need is; good friends, food and a roof over your head. If that's true, I'm doing pretty good.

Speaking of the good food, I have come up with this gem. Now, I will say this...technically, I feel guilty for even calling this a recipe. It is only two ingredients, but is INSANELY good. However, it all does with the quality of said ingredients. So, make them count baby! Just like what you do in this life. I would also like to admit, I attempted this to be a sorbet and turned out to be more of a granita. Although, it's made as a traditional sorbet, the consistency is more of a granita. Thought this was fitting with the last couple months. You win some, you lose some and make granita.

Serves: 4 Humble Hotties


1 Honey Dew Melon-seeds and rind removed, cut into bite sized cubes

3 TBS HIGH Quality Real Maple Syrup

Special Equipment:

Large Food Processor

Blend the ingredients in the food processor till smooth. Pour into a loaf pan and cover with plastic wrap. Freeze overnight.

Next day, enjoy and try to not let the chaos around you bring you down.

Life can be pretty fucking beautiful, just look beyond this veil someone is attempting to cover our souls with.

Look! My nose stud is back! Weeee!!!

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