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Egg Roll Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks

I've been on a long hiatus of cooking at home. It's been tough. I really am a food snob and hate going out to eat. It's over priced and I can USUALLY make it better. I have eaters remorse after eating out. Is this a real thing?! Because I feel it, down to the inner depths of my soul. Seriously.

So, I have been having to go through my fridge and throw things out since I have been going out every day. I HATE throwing out food. I feel so guilty about it. The money I'm wasting, the people I could have fed who are starving, etc. It's just all around bad. My conclusion, never leave the house again and become a hermit and eat delicious food at home everyday! Yes! Weeeee! Okay. Maybe not.

But I do have an abundance of won ton and egg roll wrappers I have to start using up. So, I thought lets make some of my delicious Egg Roll Wrapped Mozz Sticks. They are seriously divine. I mean, they aren't healthy or whatever-but who the hell cares! It's free month. We can eat whatever our little heart desire and deal with the outcome next month. That'll be fun.

Servings: 1 (double as needed)

Time: About 12 minutes


Egg Roll Wrappers (found in the refrigerated section of the produce section)

Low Moisture, high quality String Cheese (I like Organic Valley)

Jarred Marinara Sauce (I like Trader Joe's or my mom's homemade)

Vegetable Oil

small bowl of water to dip fingers in

Heat large sauce pan on Medium-Medium High with about an inch of vegetable oil in the pan. Once it starts to chirp a little, it's ready. Make sure it's not spurting out or smoking, if so, turn down the heat.

Simply roll the cheese sticks in egg roll wrapper. I kind of do it like a burrito, but there are direction on the package. One roll, then tuck the sides in and continue to roll. Dip fingers in the water to seal as you go. Gently place the rolls in the hot oil and watch closely. They really cook pretty fast and you don't want burnt mozzarella sticks. Once the side is golden, flip. Once golden all over, remove with a wire fry basket and place on a bed of paper towels to drain. Let cool and dip into the marinara and then DEVOUR!

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