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Grilled Peaches w/Sweet Honey Mascarpone & Pistachios

Okay, I'm not gonna lie...I kinda forgot bout this post. I concocted this recipe several months ago and just kept putting it off. Not sure why, cause it really was fantastic. I first brought it to a friend's BBQ for the initial roll out. The hosts, and fellow guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

With that in mind, I attempted to lure my boyfriend (at the time) to try it after. Who by the way, is the pickiest eater in the ENTIRE world. Usually, men are pretty happy with any food being served to them. Not this guy. Mr. Foodie Knows Better. Maybe he should have his own food blog. Yea. Maybe not.

Onto the peaches.

Cue-The band, Peaches, "Fuck The Pain Away."

'nuff said.

Here is Brian (one of my lovely hosts at the BBQ), who is really making sure he is grilling and smoking to perfection...

And another, showing his sexy smoking style. We may, or may not have had a few cocktails at this point ; )


8 BBQ Participants who MAY have been indulging on a Sunday. Just a little.


4 Peaches-Cut in Half, pit removed

Olive Oil

1 Cup Mascarpone

1 Vanilla Bean (insides scraped out)

1/8 tsp. Vanilla Extract

2 TBS Honey, plus more for drizzling

1 tsp. FRESH lemon zest

Salted Pistachios (chopped)

Coarse Salt

Mix Mascarpone with Vanilla, Bean, Vanilla Extract, Honey, Lemon Zest. Mix well. Chill.

Brush insides of peaches with Olive Oil and Grill on a HOT grill at about 375 degrees for about 5-6 Minutes. Watch to get desired grill marks. Remove from grill and dollop the inside (still hot) with the mascarpone mix. Drizzle with honey, pistachios, and a little additional coarse salt.


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