Pink Rabbit Drink-Inspired by The National to dull the pain of a Broken Heart

Have you ever just listened to a song over and over (and over), after a break up? Thinking...whoa! This song was written for me. Just me! I have. Sad Panda.

Well, this song spoke to me. And after I realized I didn't know what a "Pink Rabbit" was, it snapped me out of my funk (for a moment) to whip up My Version. Thank you, The National.

(I am still listening to it by the way)

Serves: One Little Sad Panda (multiple drinks). Repeat if necessary.


Berry Puree-

3 Strawberries

3 Raspberries

4 oz Water

2 tsps of granulated sugar

(this will last the Sad Panda a couple rounds)

5 oz Almond Milk

2 oz Tequila (cause you're sad and shit)

2 TBS above Berry Puree

Marachino Cherries and a little juice (not pictured)



Immersion Blender

(or a blender, or a food processor, or scissors if you're really desperate to make this drink, hehehe)

The puree-I rarely keep fresh berries on hand. Don't get me wrong, I love the little suckers-they just mold too quickly. So, I used frozen. If you're like me, it just takes a few more moments. Which, isn't really that terrible since it'll keep you busy from thinking about DumDum. Place the frozen berries (cause he hurt you 3 times) in a small saucepan with the water and sugar. Cook on Med-Low till the ice melts off the berries. Transfer to small bowl and use immersion blender to puree. Transfer back to saucepan and cook down (still on Med-Low) on a simmer till the sauce thickens. About 10 mins or so. Let Cool!

Place a few cubes of ice in shaker. Add almond milk, tequila, 2 TBS of the berry puree. Shake well. Like really good. Get all that anger out. Pour into a fancy glass, add a little cherry juice and a cherry. Go sit in your fainting chair. I actually have one...

And laugh over this picture my friend sent me today. I'm totally making this into a t-shirt. He's not an asshole, he just know how pessimestic I can be when I'm sad. It's good to have friends that have known you 20 years.

Now go enjoy your cocktail you sexy little minx!

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