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Melty Brie Butter Dip

It's FRIDAY!!! Yeaaaayyyyyyyy! Seriously, this week has gone by so fast. Been going out with friends, had a much needed haircut and I decided to pick up a regular gig. I was hired as a cook really close to home. Pretty awesome, because it's only weekday mornings. I'll have time for myself, my art and take some mini vacations this winter. Which, I'm totally excited about.

I refuse to sit in WI all winter. Definitely planning a trip to Florida, and Vegas to visit some friends very soon. I deserve it.

Plus, been trying to pick up my castle. It's been kind of a mess this entire summer with my rarely sleeping at home, I wasn't taking care of it as meticulously as I usually do. Or myself. I think I got a little lost. Not in a bad way, but I got so wrapped up in something I was so excited about, that I forgot about Me.

It's Wine & Harvest Fest this weekend in town and always have a few more than a couple guests. Gotta get ready for them with a clean home and some refreshments. I really love hosting though. One day I'll have my own bed & breakfast....

In the mean time, I've been on a carb kick. I have one more month till the run that I signed up for and have been increasing my nightly runs and I wanting to gluten up! So, here's a dip that my auntie introduced me to. Super simple, delicious and will comfort your soul. I mean, butter AND cheese! Yes, puh-leaze!

Serves: 2 Runners-Beefing Up


Brie Cheese (a full wheel or just half)

4 TBS Herb Butter (or regular)

Extra Gluteney FRESH French Bread-cubed


Preheat oven to 375. Plop butter on top of cheese. I also do this with regular butter and chopped walnuts. Use whatever you have on hand and cook for approximately 20 minutes. As soon as it is all melty and buttery, remove from the oven.

Enjoy with a glass of wine!

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