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Fresh Pear Bourbon Cocktail

So. It's Monday and I'm writing about Bourbon.

I know, I know....

But hey! it Is Monday. That's reason enough, right!? We survived! Yeay!

But no. In all honesty, it's mostly because I have a 60 hr. week ahead of me, with no day off. :::sigh:::

So, I thought I better get a post in, just in case I am totally burnt out.

I am already back to my old self.

All booked up, all apartment rooms clean (okay not the art room), laundry done, flowers in every room again and the summer fantasy is all but a bad memory. I'm off and running. So, I wanted to be prepped for this week. I've got both regular cooking jobs, two wine promotions and an event for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie. I am already pooped just thinking about all the smiling I have ahead of me. Annnd I have to paint a curio cabinet & have to get a couple runs in. But, the summer of fun is over and it is officially Autumn.

All work and no play makes Vi a Dull girl.

So, Bourbon. Hewow! I was gifted some pears that were starting to go and since they were no longer very pretty-better to juice them. If you're not blessed with a juicer, like me, you can buy pear juice at the store, like a loser. Totally kidding! You're not a loser. But you can buy pear juice or nectar. Probably won't be as thick as mine, but I don't think that would be a horrible thing.

Serves: One Resting Bitch Face Girl (or boy)


2 Jiggers of Pear Juice

1 Jigger of Bourbon

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract



Place all ingredients in shaker.




Pretend you don't have to smile all effing week.

Best served while watching Rob Zombie's, "Halloween". Hello, horror movie season! Weeeeee!!!

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