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Beer Cheese Dip & Engagement Announcement

I'm engaged!


Okay....Kinda, sorta, not really. One of my exes and I have been discussing marriage on and off for about 4 years. Or has it been 5? Silly, I know. If it was supposed to happen, it probably already should have. And I don't know how serious either of us are at this point but with; his distance due to his career, his allergies to Aphrodite and his last two cities being completely intolerable for me to reside in, we have continued our unique friendship while still having our individual lives. He knows who I'm dating, what I'm doing and I-his. His next move in about a year may be to Europe. And he knows if he is stationed in Italy, I will move in a heartbeat. So. Our potential engagement is back on 100%, maybe. Some marriages are built on even less. Just saying!

My ring is so very pretty.

So, ode to my kinda, sorta, not really fiancé's birthday this week I decided to finally post the Beer Cheese Dip recipe he has requested at least three times from me.

I probably would have had it posted earlier, but I had another (just shy of) 60 hour work week and got a nasty cold from a friend. Never drink from a friend's glass. That damn white wine spritzer. It was all too tempting! How could I say, no!? Now, I'm dealing with a ball of mucus in my lungs and look like Death. Sexy...I know. Lesson learned!

Drink 'yo Vitamin C

I totally went outside in my jammies this morning to take the garbage out and to pick up a warm pain au chocolat that a very special friend dropped off. Great to have friends who take care of you in your time of need! I am blessed.

Serves: 2 Recently Engageds


1 Block Cream Cheese-softened to room temp

4 oz Sour Cream

2 Cups Shredded HIGH QUALITY Cheese

(I usually use cheddar, but used up some gouda for half. Use whatever you have that's good)

2 TBS Penzey's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Mix

(otherwise you can use those Hidden Valley packets baby since I'm sure they don't have Penzey's in that hell hole)

1/2 Cup Beer

Pinch of salt (to taste)

Pretzel Chips

Extra Beer to cheers your engagement (duh!)

Optional Toppings:

Green Onion


(I didn't use this time since I was naughty and had bacon last night with friends during our pizza party)

Make sure the cream cheese sits out for at least an hour. It needs to get soft. I used my Kitchenaid mixer, but if you don't have one, you can blend by hand, but will just require some extra arm work. Good to get those arms toned up, for those engagement photos anyway...

Mix up the cream cheese, add sour cream, the dry ranch, beer and the salt. Mix REALLY well. Then once all is combined, add the shredded cheese. CHILL for at least 3 hours. You need to let those dry herbs really mingle together. Now, you will have extra beer. So, you can drink that to pass the time till your dip is ready. You will seriously be tempted to eat the dip right away. And trust me! It will be delicious as is. But! It will get soooo much better. Just like waiting till your wedding night.

Said no one ever...

But seriously, I try to make this dip the night before.


A little about this week and a half...

I caved and finally bought myself coffee. Seeing that I no longer can rely on the man to bring me coffee. Big step for me. Big! Seriously.

Here is a picture of Aphrodite's visitor's

I had my feeder up for months and didn't have anyone and now I have this whole clan. And boy-are they feisty! They fight over who is at the feeder at once , spit out the seeds they don't like (and all over the porch), and knock on the window when the feeder is low. Almost to say, "Hey! Yea, you little bitch...fill 'er up." Ugh! What did I create?! My Devil Birds.

On a side note, "Little Bird", by the Eels is ironically playing in my background, followed by "Clumsy" by Fergie. What kinda random iTunes's mindfuck is this? I blame The Birds.

Oooh! That will be what I watch tonight! Friday Night, made! :)

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