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Katie's Famous Guac

It was 87 today! 87! It's not even June yet, so this is very exciting. I'm working on a box to attach to my bike, where I can go grocery shopping and deliver food from. After I had an "interesting" experience where I decided to go shopping on my bike, and my backpack broke while I was 2 miles away from home, I thought it a good idea to come up with a better plan.

Yea...that was a fun day.

I have an old plastic box that will be getting a fresh coat of paint, a fancy sign and then will be attached to my bicycle. Last ride I took was about 7 miles, and it was tough. It's not the type of bike to be riding long distances. Adding several pounds to the back, will ensure I am fit.

Quickly approaching 35, and want to keep all things nice and tight. It's not gonna get much better than this...I gotta hold onto what I got. I can't imagine what it will be like when I hit the 4-0. or 5-0!!? GASP! I'm totally kidding. Getting older doesn't scare me. What DOES scare me is losing sight of what is truly important. Like some people I know, who are in their 50's are worried about their 401K, if they can sell their house or vintage car for a million dollars to retire off of. And they forget to treat their friends and family with the decency that they deliver to them. Is this due to old age, or losing touch with reality and what matters really in the end?

That's what I pray for.

Keeping my heart and eyes open. Not a million dollars or a fancy Jaguar.

Speaking of a million dollars, what on earth is going on with the price of avocados!? They are beyond ridiculous these last few months, and don't foresee it getting any better. But, I came across some that weren't a million dollars, so I thought I'd splurge. Using them for my "famous" guac. It's really not that fancy, but everyone LOVES my guac. So, here ya go.

Enjoy my little spiritual non-millionaires!

Serves: One Fancy Lady in her Satin Gown


1 Avocado

2 Cloves Garlic-minced

1/8 Cup Onion-chopped

1/2 Lime-squeezed for juice

1 TBS Fresh Cilantro-chopped

Handful of chopped tomatoes

Salt or Tajin-to taste

Serve with chips or fresh veggies


On top of your vegetarian burrito bowl!

Mash avocado, add garlic, onion and the lime juice. Add the cilantro and Tajin to taste. If you don't have Tajin, I guess you can use salt. Tajin is really THE SHIT. I love this stuff. Top with chopped tomatoes. Done! See, easy-peasy!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and lounge in front of the window and take in the premature heat wave. It won't last. Nothing ever does...

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