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Better Than The Fair Frozen Lemonade

11 day work week, at 13 hours a day, plus travel time definitely makes Katie a dull girl.

That's 143 hours on my feet, on pure concrete, dealing with fair freaks. Plus, about 40 mins. of drive time (in rush hour) EACH way. Thankfully, I am a well rounded lady and have crash pads all over the state. Still, it was tough.

Aphrodite is still recovering from being ignored for the last two weeks. I was so beat, I would grab a hardboiled egg, a beer and get in the hot bathtub. I would listen to some Coast to Coast AM and then pass out. I didn't even consider it sleeping. It was literally passing out from pure exhaustion.

The majority of the "freaks" were no big deal. I would rather deal with them, then the drunk bar trash I would sometimes have to deal with doing liquor promotions. That was always fun. Having to have to smile while some nasty, drunk man made completely inappropriate comments and starred at my tits was a struggle. All the while, I would secretly wish for lightening to strike me down. Or maybe him. But those gigs paid extremely well and were short term.

Food promotions are a different kind of struggle. It was like working 3 butter shows, rolled into one. It was rough. Being exposed to people who are shoveling "FREE SAMPLES" into their nasty mouths and starring at you, will make you never want to eat again.

People asking, "what is dip?", "what is half & half?", double dipping, licking their fingers, children sticking their hands directly into the dip, so many crop tops and mostly from girls that should NOT be wearing a crop top. I didn't even know you could have cellulite on the stomach, but you can. YOU can!!! :::shudders:::.

I stopped eating after day 2 of the fair and didn't feel hunger until almost a week later. The only reason, I think I started eating again, was I was literally dying from hunger. I definitely lost a few pounds.

People asked how to get pretzels out, even though this was written on the shakers...

So, in short...the fair wasn't so bad. I had my moments though. But I made it through and made JUST enough in JUST enough time. I had two big bills that were due the day after my last day. So, I was totally cutting it short this month. It's fun to see how far you can push yourself to the edge of sanity and see what comes out. The idea of what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger is a really true statement for me.

Now, I have a week off before school starts again. I was promoted and was given a tiny wage increase, but I still think I am being grossly underpaid. I have been looking for either an additional part time job, or a new career entirely. I'm open. I would like to still be able to enjoy the school breaks and have the flexibility to do a lot more, then if I would go back to working 50 hour weeks in the slave trade. I do also enjoy some of the kids, and they keep things really simple and it's pretty cute at times. But the pay is pathetic. And zero benefits. I'll be dragging another year, and I don't know if I have it in me again. Debating on even picking up a part time bartending position, and I think if I don't find something pretty perfect, is what will happen. Things could be worse...

Being exposed to all those delicious fried fair foods the last few weeks, made me crave EVERYTHING. I was going to only treat myself to ONE treat. But after all the bullshit I was exposed to, I allowed myself a free-for-all the last 5 days. I had a Unicorn Deep Fried Twinkie, with sparkles! Because, UNICORNS! Several orders of FRESH waffle fries with a side of nacho cheese, a delicious mini raspberry macaroon (because it was sooo mini), loaded tater tots, and a huge Vegetarian burrito with Doritos crunched inside. Which, by the way, I will be recreating for a blog post soon. It was soooo delicious!

The week before I started the fair, I was craving Frozen Lemonade. Which, is a total fair food. And the really weird thing, is that I have never had Frozen Lemonade and am not sure why the hell I was craving it, and before i was even exposed to it at the fair. But I was, and I made it happen. BAM!

Serves: One Socially Over-Exposed Little Lady


1 Organic Lemon VERY thinly sliced and seeds removed

1 Full Lemon-Juiced

3 TBS High Quality Sugar

10 Ice Cubes

1/2 Cup Lemon/Lime Soda

Mix EVERYTHING, but the soda in a blender. Blend. Add soda and blend briefly.

DRINK! So effing good!!!!

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