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Holy moly! I have been on the extreme rollercoaster of life the last couple months. It's been so amazing and am so blessed that I have so many fantastic people and opportunities in my life. Once you realize the people who care about you the most-make the time for you,...


So, I originally came up with this recipe back in March.

I know, I know. Life has been getting real. So many changes, and I can hardly keep up,let alone write about it! So, although, the recipe and pictures are a bit delayed. I'm still posting delicious recipes! Hooray!



Although I have been piling recipes up for several months, I will leave this post filled with my beauty.



Spring is here! Well, almost.

The last few months, I have been researching Ayurveda and becoming kind of obsessed with it. I love food and it's making me think of food in a TOTALLY different way. Which, I suppose, is rather enlightening, but kind of disappointing as a c...


A few weeks ago, I was trying to be friends with an ex (again). In retrospect, thinking we could manage to be friends was silly. There's reasons why people are no longer together. And the fact that they're not together proves that one of them is incapable of honesty. I...


Holy crap. So, so, so busy! I moved, gave up my extra jobs and have been super occupied with holidays and updating a house I'm renting. It's everything my last apartment wasn't.

TOTALLY in Love with my loft area to do my yoga, painting, crystal grids, meditation, smudgi...


Mercury finally has gone direct since going into Retrograde ON my birthday. Yeay!

Along with self reflection (always my focus during Mercury in retrograde) and gaining an extra year around the sun, gave me something's to think about.

First and foremost, forgiveness is an...


I was reading an article on the poet Rumi and how he saw "unhappy love" stories as a good thing. That although these terribly powerful relationships end up extremely hurtful, you have the ability to not only learn, but actually grow into something even more spectacular...


It has been almost a full month since my summer vacation officially started and I would have thought I would have had a lot more time to dedicate to blogging, but not so much. I am still working at the church and picking up gigs where I can to pay the bills. Doesn't so...


I have thought I was in love 3 times now. But, what really is "love"?

Everyone has their own idea and point of view that's wrapped up in conditions and a lot of complicated drama-most of the time. I finally came to terms that I was actually in love, with zero conditions...

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