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I have written this post, de-written it, unwritten it, and rewritten it, several times. So, much has been going on and I probably could have written several posts, since first starting this one. With everything that I have been feeling and sensing, it's been overwhelmi...


One more day until the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. In the United States, we haven't had one since February 26th, 1979. So, before I was born...and this is kind of exciting.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get those fancy glasses. So, I will be outside with a little paper plate tryi...


11 day work week, at 13 hours a day, plus travel time definitely makes Katie a dull girl.

That's 143 hours on my feet, on pure concrete, dealing with fair freaks. Plus, about 40 mins. of drive time (in rush hour) EACH way. Thankfully, I am a well rounded lady and have c...


It's been a long 2 weeks celebrating my birthday.

In fear of; sitting home alone, drinking a bottle of Jaeger and calling an ex on my birthday (like some people I know, :::rolls eyes:::). I opted to throw myself a party. Because, why the hell not?! I deserve it and if I...


I feel like I live in the tropics the last two months. It's been super humid and a lot of rain. If I couldn't get to New Zealand this summer, maybe New Zealand came to me...

Whatever the reason for the odd weather, I'll take it. After a long day of eBay-ing and listing...


Well, here it is, BAM! First official print of my food styling and a few of my favorited recipes from my personal clients. I may be a little biased, but I think it looks pretty awesome (pats self on back). I was extremely flattered that Alcoholmanac allowed me to be pa...


It was 87 today! 87! It's not even June yet, so this is very exciting. I'm working on a box to attach to my bike, where I can go grocery shopping and deliver food from. After I had an "interesting" experience where I decided to go shopping on my bike, and my backpack b...


Spring showers, bring May flowers?

We have been getting a lot of rain. Feels like the West Coast more like the Midwest. But, I have been reaping the rewards of the beginning of the fresh spring  produce.

Although, it's not a lot (yet), I can already tell the difference a...


Happy Easter!!!!

I don't celebrate Easter in the most conventional of ways. I don't go to church (I'm spiritual in my everyday life and don't feel the need for organized religion), I no longer get an easter basket (I'm old as hell), BUT! A girlfriend surprised me with a...


Gluten Free pie crust!?

Okay, don't get your panties in a bundle.

This shit, is good! Trust me. I had several people who aren't gluten free and are kind of turned off by anything named, "gluten free" that claimed that this is really delicious. So, try it GF. We are all o...

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